Supply Chain Management

OTA Solutions help mobilize your global inventory so you can get the right goods to the right customer and place at the right time in the right condition for the right price, even as you comply with trade regulations. As a result, you’re more likely to get the sale and deliver on your commitment, while reducing costs, boosting service, and avoiding customs delays and fines.

Our range of services

  • Supply chain consultancy and solution design
  • Control tower services, managing the operation and providing supply chain visibility
  • Origin management including consolidation, vendor management and value added services
  • Freight management across all modes: Road, sea, air, rail, sea air and carrier neutral
  • Destination management

Benefits of using our supply chain management

  • Our global supply chain network knows both suppliers’ and customs procedures in local and emerging economies
  • We can manage tenders for specific and individual projects on your behalf
  • We coordinate the transaction at every stage in the supply chain, ensuring quality and reliability.

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